Working With Different Versions of an R Package

Installing Packages to a Different Location Installing Packages to a Different Location Using devtools Loading Packages Recently, I had to install an older version of an R package, because a function was deprecated that I wanted to use. I wanted to install the old version in addition to and not instead of the new version and I came up with the following solution. Installing Packages to a Different Location library(devtools) library(httr) library(curl) In addition to my custom Windows library, I created two new folders to store packages in, one for older packages and one for devel versions. [Read More]

Font Embedding for LaTeX and R Users

Use cairo_pdf()

What is Font Embedding Problem: R does not embed fonts Solution in R: Use cairo_pdf() Solution With Completed PDF Recently, I sent my dissertation as a PDF file to a copy shop and got an email back that I had not embedded all fonts and that they won’t print it for me. What? So instead of celebrating the submission, I had to search online for pdf latex “font embedding”, and this blog post is a summary of that afternoon. [Read More]